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 Y1 Series Bag -Pack's

Smart backpack, which will never let you down

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Get Smart, Live Smart 

Continue Your Daily Routine Without Interrupting Mobile Usage Anymore.

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Backup Always with You

"It's time to change your traditional method, with Fikkar the smart bag. Fikkar is a bag that solves many of your problems like the hassle of daily power bank charging. It's now time to welcome a new digital age with a water-resistant bag along with a two-way wireless charging facility, a GPS tracker, and much more."

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GPS Fidelity 

“Now be Worry-free of Bag Theft"

Are you worried about your bag being stolen or lost? You need to search no further, our smart bag Fikkar has found the perfect solution for all your problems. By using modern technology, the problem of theft or lost items has been solved.”

Match Your Bag to Your Style, Now Join Fikkar Club.

“Introducing Fikkar club where you can suggest designs or customize your own bags. Its now time to awaken your creativity and win exhilarating prices.”

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Smart Style

Your Style Always Makes You Different! 

“Fikker always strives to make the best stylistic designs available to you, so that your style should be unique from all others. Our customizable backpack option is sure to make you stand out in the crowd.”

0.4 Y Series Smart Bag pack   Specifications

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GPS Surveillance 

“Track your lost or stolen smart bags with our GPS technology”

Water Resistance

Water Resistant Fabric material  With Extra Rain Covers.

Long Battery Life

10000 MAH Long lasting Battery  life, Charge Up to 3 Phones.

Wireless Charging

Two Way wireless Charging Solution, Now no more cables required.

Dual Rain Protection 

“Our extra rain cover is sure to give you a better monsoon with no more wet backpacks”

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Image by Greg Rosenke


Upgrade Your
Own World 

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 No Need to Feel Insecure Anymore.

"Be at ease while you are on the move”


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Smart Wireless Charging Solution


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