You encounter a range of environments every day — and the Y1 1101 is built with all of them in mind. It’s never been easier to hustle between the train, the gym, and the office: a new snap system for hiding the shoulder straps means you can instantly switch between regular backpack mode and ultra-professional briefcase mode.

The new Unified Harness shoulder straps are crazy comfortable — making it that much easier to walk across the city with your laptop. And our all-new Picton fabric is better at withstanding rough terrain (it’s 22% more resistant to tearing) as well as things like cat hair or construction dust (it's extra lint-resistant, too). We’ve made dozens of other improvements to the previous version, which you can read about in detail here. Years of testing and thoughtful user feedback have contributed to a revamped design that makes being on the move even easier, faster, and more enjoyable than before. Rush-hour transit, spontaneous weekend getaway, or paired with the Y1 1101 — it’s your ideal everyday companion.

Y1 Series Smart Bag-pack Y1101

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  • Placed on the right strap of your high tech backpack, the wireless charger is compatible with the latest smartphones. Just put your phone in the pocket and it will start charging wirelessly. 
    There is also a USB charger in case if you want to charge your phone or other gadgets using a cord.